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Faces: Our Students

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Places: Our Campus

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5af83d9970c-800wi.jpg 2671293007_505ffe04e8_o.jpg 2672100618_82a7a86752_o.jpg 2672100796_d5094b1d86_o.jpg 2672115934_87280bce90_o.jpg 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5590d4a970b-800wi.jpg 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5590d9b970b-800wi.jpg 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5590d14970b-800wi.jpg 54955262.jpg 2671277373_217285e8d9_o.jpg 6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5af8434970c-800wi.jpg B_0910_ATM_578MillionSchool.jpg B_0910_ATM_578MillionSchool2.jpg B_0910_ATM_578MillionSchool3.jpg Capture (2).JPG la-me-rfkschool07.jpg la-me-rfkschool06.jpg LAUSD-Ambassador.jpg park inspiration steel wall.jpg la-me-rfkschool03.jpg la-me-rfkschool04.jpg la-me-rfkschool09.jpg

Traces: Our History

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Aces: Our Sports

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Graces: Our Pai

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Past Events & More

Mock Debate 2012

Happy Halloween!

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Minute To Win It 2011

Art Show 2011

Cesar Chavez

cesar-chavez.jpg CesarChavezRebel1.jpg 070727_cesar_chavez.jpg Cesar Chavez.jpg Cesar Chavez000.jpg org_Cesar_Chavez__14_.jpg cesar_chavez.gif cesar-chavez00.jpg Cesar_Chavez_Day-2iswfse.jpg cesar_chavez.jpg cesar_chavez0.jpg cesarchavez00.jpg

Martin Luther King Jr

time-mlk-man-of-year.jpg 20060105-mlk12.gif alg_mlk.jpg i_have_a_dream-11617.jpg mlk.gif mlk.jpg mlk_flag_opt.jpg mlk1.jpg mlk2-300x165.gif

Holiday Video 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

imgres.jpg ValentinesCard.jpg nyc-valentines-day.jpg res.jpg saint-valentines-day-vector-heart-of-valentine-s-day-013139.jpg cupid.jpg abc.jpg imgre.jpg gres.jpg


NOW Students Experience a Private Screening of the New Film Cesar Chavez
By Jose Gomez       NOW Academy seniors and seniors from other schools in the RFK complex attended a screening of the film Cesar Chavez on February 28th in the Cocoanut Grove. The movie revealed the importance of leadership and... Continue
Posted by: Journalism Alpha
Published: 4/2/14

Fist Bump Promotes Anti-Bullying to Sixth Graders
By Carmela Yalung     A group of NOW Academy students has been chosen to be part of a program associated with Laughter for a Change, a non-profit organization founded to affect a positive change in the world through comedic performa... Continue
Posted by: Journalism Alpha
Published: 3/21/14

New Portfolio Design Made for Easier Student Use
By Carmela Yalung The due date for student portfolios is coming up as the school year comes to an end, and a new design has been created for this year. Mr. Wu, one of NOW Academy’s secondary school teachers, oversaw the development of the ne... Continue
Posted by: Richard Clement Wu
Published: 1/22/14



:: NOW Academy PBL Showcase [December 20, 2013]

:: NOW 3 Film: Teaser Trailer [On DVD. May 2014.]


Persistence, Hard Work, and Passion

:: Cover Story by Jerson Hernandez, Jeremy Gonzalez

          “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” Mary Lou Retton’s wise words have been led by example from the Robert F. Kennedy Community School sports department. From Winter to Spring, from Soccer to Baseball, from concrete to hardwood, everyday students like us have been waiting for this year to come. RFK was opened in 2010 and since then, the sports program has developed into a large part of our school. Many of our fellow students have approached this year with excitement and passion for the love of their sport. During the Fall, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, and Water Polo have attracted much attention.

          As Seniors graduate, a new generation of athletes make the competition to fill the remaining team spots more intense...


                                        ::  CONTINUE READING COVER STORY  ---  ARCHIVED STORIES

World Newsmap [Beta, powered by Google] Updated Every 10 Minutes

City Year 01

:: Daily News LA Article: January 24, 2011

To get RFK NOW Messages directly on your phone, TEXT @rfk TO (510) 356-2999


Text Collage jackie ayala.jpg

"Text Collage"
by Jackie Ayala
8th Grade

yb 05 copy.jpg