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  • Chairperson
    • Stevens Perez-Ordonez
  • Vice Chairperson
    • Favour Akinboboye
  • Secretary 
    • Ms. Elizabeth Cunningham
  • Parliamentarian
    • Dr. Deon L. Brady

School Site Council

Welcome to SSC

Welcome to the School Site Council / Governing Board for the New Open World Academy.

We meet on the fourth Wednesdays of each month at 4PM.  All meetings are public and all are welcome to attend.  This year, our meetings are held via zoom.  Please join us using the link below.

Your School Site Members for the 2022-2023 School Year are:

22-23 Members:



Deon Brady (A)


Steven Colin (T)


Salvador Beaz-Martinez (T)


Jayne Harper (T)


Ryoko Matsui (T)


Velia Valle (T)


Sara Chapin (T)


Cindy Vargas (OOC)


Alicia Siquinajay (P)


Carmen Perez (P)


Sandra Polanco (P)


Violeta Valera (P)


Stephanie Reyes (S)


Favor Akinboboye (S)


Daniela Caudillo (S)


Stevens Ordonez (S)












Join US

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Join us on Zoom Here

All meetings will be held virtually until further notice.