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Graduation Requirements

These are the LAUSD Requirements for a High School Diploma.

A-G Requirements

Subject Area Years Credits
A. Social Studies and History 2 Years 20 Credits
B. English Language Arts 4 Years 40 Credits
C. Mathematics 3 Years 30 Credits
D. Laboratory Sciences 2 Years 20 Credits
E. Language other than English 2 Years 20 Credits
F. Visual and Performing Arts 1 Year 10 Credits
G. College Preparatory Electives 1 Year 10 Credits

CDE Requirements

Subject Area Years Credits
Social Studies and History 3 Years 30 Credits
English Language Arts 3 Years 30 Credits
Mathematics 2 Years 20 Credits
Sciences 2 Years 20 Credits
CTE/ Foreign Language /Arts 1 Year 10 Credits
Physical Education 2 Years 20 Credits


LAUSD Requirements

Area Requirement
Health Alternative Student must take a Health Class or fulfillment the Health Alternative Requirement
Career Pathways Students fulfill their Career Pathways Requirement in the 10th Grade by exploring and researching careers.
Service Learning Students complete a Service Learning Project in their 10th and 11th Grade years.
Credits Students must have a minimum of 210 credits.


The 3 Buckets

Students must complete the 3 graduation buckets in order to obtain a high school diploma.

A-G Requirements

CDE Requirements

LAUSD Requirements


Students are promoted to the next grade level by obtaining credits.

9th >> 10th Grade: 50 Credits

10th >> 11th Grade: 105 Credits

11th >> 12th Grade: 160 Credits

Graduate: 210 Credits