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Student Behavior Code of Conduct

NOW Academy Students are expected to:

  1. Be curteous and cooperative with all students, teacher and staff.
  2. Respect the rights and property of others.
  3. Attend all classes every day.
  4. Be on-campus all times, including Lunch, unless given written permission to leave by the Student Services office.
  5. Be in class on time and in assigned seats or stations before the passing period time is up.
  6. Bring appropriated textbooks and materials to all classes.
  7. Be attentive to instructions and directions of all teachers, including substitute teachers, Teaching Assistants and other out-of-classroom staff.
  8. Complete all assigned work and homework to the best of one's ability and make certain that all work and test answers are one's own.  Accept responsibility for making up work not completed.
  9. Maintain satisfactory scholarship and citizenship, and strive to be the best student possible.
  10. Demonstrate self-control and a compliant attitude during emergency drills.
  11. Consume food and beverage only in the lunch area, including before and after school.
  12. Abide by all school and district rules and policies.
  13. When the students fail to comply with the code of conduct his/her parent will be asked to come to school and accompany student from class to class.
  14. Report any concerns/incidents to an adult on campus immediately.

Make good decisions... Avoid these behaviors...

Now Academy students are expected to AVOID involvement in situations that may disrupt the educational process or present a danger to themselves or others.  These situations include:

  1. Disruption of the classroom or campus with unreasonable to inappropriate behavior.
  2. Using abusive or vulgar language toward others including cursing and ethnic/racial slurs.
  3. Engaging in threathening or combative behavior, which may lead to fights and injury to others.
  4. Participating in disruptive activities with or sponsored by off-campus groups.
  5. Leaving class or campus at any time without written permission from school staff.
  6. Bringing uncessessary personal property to school such as cell phones, pagers, radios, tape players, cameras, electronic games, laser devices, skateboards, balls, and other athletic equipment.  "Slam books" and diaries should be left at home.
  7. Chewing GUM on campus at any time.
  8. Selling or trading items for personal gain or profit.
  9. Taking or damaging the property of others.
  10. Possessing, using or furnishing any implements which may be used to vandalize school property, including markers, paint, and/or etching tools.
    1. "White-out" is not allowed at school.
  11. Possessing, using or selling fireworks or explosives or any kind at school.
  12. Possessing, using or selling alcohol, cigarettes or other illegal substances at school.
  13. Possessing any weapons including knives, firearms, replicas or a firearms, or sprays at school.

Cell Phones/Electronics

Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices on campus provided that any such device shall remain off and stored in a backpack, purse, pocket, or other place where it is not visible during normal school hours. Students are permitted to use cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices on campus before and after school. Students must comply anytime a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of cellular telephone, pager, or other signaling device even before or after school. The district/school is not responsible for any missing or stolen electronic devices.

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