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When students are absent, it is their responsibility to bring home an excuse note to the Student Services office.  Students must do so within 10 days or else the absence becomes and unexcused absence.

An absence does not excuse students from their work and is responsible for making up the work and/or arranging to make up the work with their teacher.  Note that absences can hurt students' academic performance even if they are excused.

Excessive absences can and does turn into truancy.

Students wishing to graduate on-stage or culminating on-stage must have a 95% attendance rate.


Students are expected to arrive and be seated on their assigned seat on-time.

Three tardies can equal 1 absence.


Excessive absences and tardies are considered truancy.

Students and families may be required to appear before the school's Student Attendance Review Committee or the district's Students Attendance Review Board.