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In the Restroom

Be Safe

  • Be hygienic.
  • Wash hands.
  • Obtain a pass from your teacher during class time.
  • Wear lanyards and uniforms at all times when anywhere on RFK

Be Respectful

  • Conserve supplies--water, toilet paper, electricity, dryer time.
  • No grafitti/vandalism.
  • Stay in Now Academy areas
  • If restrooms are locked, check out the key from A122.
  • Respect other people’s personal space.
  • Use receptacles (trash cans, sinks, toilets) for intended purposes only.

Be Responsible

  • Attend to your belongings.
  • Use the bathroom before or after class.
  • Be on time to class.
  • Single-Gender Restrooms.
  • Report bathroom problems immediately. 

The 3 Bs