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In the Classroom

Be Safe

  • Use good judgement.
  • Use objects for their intended purpose.
  • Use only an approved school pass when outside the classroom.
  • Walk into the room and sit in assigned seat before the class start time.

Be Respectful

  • Use appropriate communication skills when speaking.
  • Mind your manners and be courteous to one another (“excuse me”, “please”, “thank you”).
  • Be positive and encouraging to others.
  • Keep hands, feet, objects, and inappropriate words/gestures to yourself.
  • Be respectful of all school and classroom property.
  • Peacefully resolve conflicts by talking and listening to the other person.

Be Responsible

  • Be here for every class and on time.
  • Bring your supplies for every class.
  • Take care of bodily functions (eating, drinking, bathroom) and personal business before class starts.
  • Be alert and awake during class.
  • Complete all assigned work on time.
  • Wear ID, lanyard (uniform--middle school).
  • Keep electronics off and out of sight unless instructed by the teacher to do otherwise.
  • Keep gum off of school grounds.

The 3 Bs