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Teacher Sites

Corea, Carlos
Gutierrez, Steve
Teacher, Technology Coordinator
Matsui, Ryoko
Starkman, Arielle
Walters, Laurie

Classroom Web Pages

Elementary Teachers

Teacher First Name Teacher Last Name Grade Level Class Room Email Address
Sara Chapin Kindergarten G120
Ana-Maria Robison Kindergarten G122
Tania Varona Kindergarten G142
Angela Santos Kindergarten G140
Hannah Kim 1st Grade G119
Jessica Rodriguez 1st Grade G132
Evelyn Amez 1st Grade G118
Laurie Walters 1st-2nd Grade G131
Michelle Acuna 2nd Grade G102
Jason Kawana 2nd Grade G105
Evelyn Smith 2nd Grade G104
Kimberly Young 2nd Grade G103
Michelle Won 2nd-4th Grade Critical Thinking G213
Carlos Corea 3rd Grade G234
Cristina Garcia 3rd Grade G232
Alexis Contreras 3rd Grade G230
Adriana De Leon-Topete 3rd Grade G236
Ramon Godoy 4th Grade G215
Elizabeth Cunningham 4th Grade G217
Sherry Poot 4th Grade G205
Diana Arias 5th Grade G205
Omar Araiza 5th Grade G204
Nikki Freehill 5th Grade G203
Ana Sarmiento 5th Grade G202
Rochelle Kim RSP Critical Thinking G213
Marla Lefevre RSP Critical Thinking G213